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This Cracker is moving to Crackerville!

Well the sad truth has begun, David and Janine are giving Albuquerque the Finger and traveling to a place where family trees look like a Mr. Salty Pretzel, and Janine has more teeth in her beautiful mouth than most counties.  So, don't be a pud, help Bryan and Lara Goss (the Doctor Duo) and Michael and Shawna Hidalgo send off the Friede's in style to Bentonville, AR.  We will be hosting a party Saturday September 8th at 6 pm, (time tentative) to send them on their merry way at Savoy.   No kids, the Friede's hate all your kids.  JK, we want to be able to mingle one last time before they must go.  Put it on your calendar!


For Directions click here.  Please RSVP so we know how many ambulances equipped with stomach pumps to have waiting.  My Cell is 505 379 9727 and email is michaelvhidalgo@yahoo.com