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 Obtaining a picture and placing it on the zexperience is amazingly easy. All you have to do is drag and drop!!!!!

   Special Effects   


The most easiest thing to do with a picture is  applying our drag-drop special effects. Choose from numerous and outstanding visuals that will give your image the cutting edge.


  1. To get to special effects....
  2. Go to the color selection on the ztoolbar

   -color selection icon


    3.  Click on Special Effects



   - Special effects icon


     4. Just click on on of the special effects choices and drag and drop it onto your image.
You can combine special effects too!!!



There are three options when setting the image as a background. You can either set the image as the background of the whole Zexperience, or make it the background of a single zcube, or you can also inlay into a setting.

To obtain an image as the background of the whole zexperience, all you have to do is take a picture, right click on the picture and click on the wallpaper issue on the zcube menu. By using the example picture to the right we were able to create the background for this specific experience.
Another background format is using an image to be the setting for a single zcube. You are then able to draw, write, or do whatever you want onto that zcube, but still have the image as the background for it too. To achieve this formatting all one has to do is select an image hold alt, click and hold on an image, and then scroll over a blank zcube, and let go. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to set this image as a background.
A Beautful Flower
The background seen behind this zcube is of a single image of a flower, in a five by five format. This is called an inlay background. To create this kind of setting you first select an iamge, right click on it to go to the zcube menu, and then go to a choice called inlay, and click it. Once you click it a box will come up saying "Set to Background Options." To change the amount or dimensions of the inlay. Once they are chosen click Stamp to background and your final result will appear. This inlay can still be moves around and places wherever you want. If you do not want it to move you can go to the zspace menu, go to the advanced settings, and click on fix. The inlay should not move after that.



With Zcubes obtaining, formatting, and personalzing your images are amzingly easy with the new tools that you are provided with.