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ZCubesTM is the world's first website where you can seamlessly browse, search, edit, paint, draw, hand-write, watch, listen, publish, type, print, network, teach, learn, and work.

Welcome to Web 3.0. Experience no bounds. Express without limits. Unconstrain your imagination. You are truly at the center of the internet.

With a 1000+ feature list, ZCubes advanced version thrives on IE. ZCubes
basic version now supports over 20 platforms (yes, Firefox included)! 

Go Ahead! Be Free!
Just Do It All TM
! And Do it Well!

How Can I Use It?

ZCubes is absolutely FREE!

'Mere narration' or 'bare utility' have no value. Expressions are of value only when they excite the senses and arouse emotions.
- The Science of Arts, 300BC.

Buzz About ZCubes?
"ZCubes is truly what I would term a true Web 2.0 offering to the public to experience. In fact that is probably an inaccurate statement. This is a probably a Web 2.1 or Web 3.0 product. It is as advertised. It is truly an all in one product."
- Rex Dixon, Technically Speaking

"ZCubes...probably one of the net’s first good browser in a browser websites. ... Aside from being a great portal/homepage...needing no complicated plugins whatsoever, ZCubes is a great application that lets you do anything and everything you ever dreamed you could do on a PC, all within the comfort of a single, online page."
- David Wilkinson, Profy

“Browser-based ZCubes is a `disruptive technology' that all too rarely shakes up the Internet by unveiling an inspired tool or resource which leaves users saying: "Why didn't any one think of doing this before? It's what we always wanted!"

-         Anand Parthasarathy, The Hindu

"I am a technology coordinator for a K-8 school and love the idea of your ZCubes!! This is a perfect format for both teachers and students! I love your application--I imagine this will be used in all sectors... and thank you for your attention to end-users--your customer service is excellent!"

- Cindy Wilson-Hyde, Teacher.

"Congratulations on your wonderful ZCubes service!"

- Jonathan Aquino, Developer.

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ZCubes announces their pure Firefox version (Beta) - Test it out!

ZCubes announces CuBee - the next generation in rich content e-mail and messaging. (Check it out!)

Beta for Home Page Creation is on. Reserve your zname today before it is gone! (Get it Now!)

Ad-Free Pricing

We think win-win. We will be free for you (the end consumer) - always - supported by minimal, respectful and relevant ads (only if necessary).

In case you want a version of ZCubes completely free of advertisements, we will be happy to provide you that for
$ 9.99 per year.
To top it off, we will also be providing you revenue-sharing opportunities based on your creative content (ask us about it).


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Latest News

ZCubes, Inc. Selected by AlwaysOn as an AO100
Top Private Company Award Winner
 Recognized for Leadership in Emerging Technology and  Global Business Potential

 Houston, TX – 07/17/2007 – ZCubes, Inc, a web 3.0 company, today announced that it has been chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the AO 100 Top Private Companies for 2007.  The fifth-annual elite AO100 list was compiled by the AlwaysOn editorial panel. In order to be eligible for the AO100 list, companies had to be peer-nominated, with AlwaysOn receiving more than 1,000 nominations from venture investors, investment bankers and other industry experts.  more...




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