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Short Black - this is the standard espresso, 30ml of intense, dark coffee capped by a honey brown layer of crema or cream; should be rich & full-bodied, not thin or watery.

Long Black - a standard espresso with hot water, served in a regular coffee cup or mug. The hot water is added first, so the crema is maintained.

Latte - espresso with hot milk and a small head of dense froth, usually served in a glass.

Ristretto - very short shot, about 15ml of espresso (from the Italian for ‘restricted’) An intense, concentrated version of espresso.

Doppio - also known as double espresso. Two shots of espresso extracted to the same length as an espresso (ie around 35 mls). This is rocket fuel.

Cappuccino - a shot of espresso with densely frothed milk poured into it and dusted with chocolate powder. Note: the higher the 'mountain' of froth does not mean a better cappuccino; the froth should be 'domes' above the rim of the cup, and be dense and very creamy, not dry and tasteless.

Macchiato - espresso with a dash of milk added. Some cafes will use a
dash of foam; others a dash of milk and froth, or even just a splash of
cold milk. They are all correct! (The Italian expression means espresso
'stained' or 'marked' with milk) - usually served in a small [espresso or demitasse] cup.

Flat white - just a no-nonsense milky coffee - espresso with hot milk, no froth. The nearest option to 'cafe au lait'

Mocha - espresso, hot chocolate and steamed milk served in a glass.