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Mobius Cube

I found that it really

had one side.

When I drew a line on one

side and then cut the strip,

 the line stayed on one side

Fiabanacci Numbers

Fibanocci Numbers are numbers that are produced when you start with 0 and 1 and then add them. You then add the first two numbers together to get the third. You keep adding the last two numbers to get the next number in the series.

I thought it would be something to do in excel so I had my Mom help me type in the first 10 numbers and then we used Excel to add them up. We also used Excel to multiply the 7th term by 11. After we did the first row, I made another row starting with the second number in the series and adding one more number. I copied the formula to add the 10 cells and pasted so that Excel figured out the sum. I also copied  the formula to multiply and pasted it in to get the result. In all rows the sum and the 7th term times 11 gave the same answer.




I have a hard time drawing so I found online tangram puzzles and played with them.

You have to right click to rotate them.

This is the fractal snowflake that I made in Photoshop. Using photoshop let me copy and paste triangles. It also let me zoom in so I could add trianges easier.
I made a maze using Stagecast Creator software. It is software that makes games and shows you how people program things.