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We started our life in 1958 when Frank and Dan Carney opened the first Hut in Wichita, Kansas. The first Pizza Hut restaurant was only small, with enough room for 25 seats; the restaurant sign only had space for nine letters. Frank and Dan wanted to have 'Pizza' in the name, which left space for just 3 more letters. Because the building looked like a hut... Pizza Hut was born! Fifteen years later, the first UK restaurant opened. Since then we have grown to become the biggest Pizza Company on the planet. We're the UK's leading pizza restaurant and delivery chain too, with over 600 outlets across the country. We are part of Yum Restaurants International (who also own KFC, Taco Bell, Long John Silver's, A & W and Pizza Hut Worldwide).

Pizza Hut Becomes First Company In History To Deliver Pizza To Residents Living In Outer Space

Adding another chapter to the decades-old "space race" chronicles, Pizza Hut has become the first company in history to deliver pizza straight to the pioneers living in outer space on the International Space Station (ISS). The creation and delivery of the world's first space-consumable pizza was the culmination of nearly a year of collaboration between Pizza Hut and Russian food scientists. After months of rigorous testing, the Pizza Hut pizza made the landmark, trans-atmospheric journey to become the only pizza ever delivered to and eaten by people living in space.

"Pizza Hut is known for quality, innovation and category leadership. Having recorded numerous 'firsts' on Earth, we also wanted to make history by becoming the first company in the world to deliver pizza to space," said Randy Gier, chief marketing officer, Pizza Hut, Inc. "From this day forward, Pizza Hut pizza will go down in history as the world's first pizza to be delivered to and eaten in space."

The "space" Pizza Hut pizza delivered to the ISS featured traditional ingredients including a crispy crust, pizza sauce and cheese, but was topped with salami to enhance the pizza's flavor because researchers found that pepperoni did not withstand the 60-day testing process. In addition, the Pizza Hut space pizza was made six inches in diameter - the size of the Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza® - in order to fit into the smaller-sized oven aboard the ISS. Before final certification for consumption was given, the vacuum-sealed Pizza Hut pizza had to undergo rigorous stabilized thermal conditions to determine freshness-stay and life span.