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Create a list of links with similar name pattern by looping through the server. (e.g. Pic1.jpg, Pic2.jpg..etc).


1. Create a ZCube and insert a picture from the web. Right click on the ZCube and click 'Loop Pattern'.
2. The Generate Link pattern dialog box will be displayed with the reference link URL displayed. Check the URL and ensure that the '[]' is placed in the correct location to be replaced by the parameter values. Enter the loop values (For Example, if the name of the original picture is picture1.jpg, and the server has 100 pictures named as picture2, picture3 etc, enter 1 in 'From' field and 100 in the 'To' field) and click 'Generate Links in Requested Pattern'.
3. The contents from the Generated Links in the loop will be created in a new ZCube.
4. To examine the folder and the tree structure from which the image came, click on 'Generate URL tree for original link'.
Note: The Generates links are opened in a single ZCube. To extractthem into individual ZCubes, right click on the ZCube and click 'Extract Media'.