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My notes and learning from the ONGC forum


After the session I took the opportunity to talk with the fellows from current. Very polite, very knowledgable, very helpfull. If all their people are that good they will do well. I asked them if they were interested in an area like ours. They were polite. They didn't laugh at me even when I told them I could get access to the poles in town but they did smile when I explained that "town" consisted of about 1000 rooftops. We operate in the Northern Neck of eastern Virginia. It seems that BPL has the same sorts of deployment issues that we see with cable in our area. Namely it is tough to make a quick ROI in an area where 400-800 square miles only contain about 5000 rooftops. It is just to expensive to have to deploy a transformer bridge at every single dwelling. This technology will shine in suburbia and in town where MDUs are common.