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Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768-1826): Marie-Guillemine Benoist was the daughter of a government official. She studied with Vigee-Lebrun and her earlier works show a distinct influence of her famous teacher. Benoist later studied with the celebrated Jacques-Louis David and her later works reflect the Neo-Classical style.During her lifetime, Benoist painted in several genres ranging from historical themes to family portraiture.
References: Women Artists: An Illustrated History by Nancy G. Heller, pp.63-64.

Maria Cosway (1760-1838): Maria Cosway was born in Florence, Italy to English parents. Gifted as an artist as well as a musician, she married Richard Cosway, a painter to the Court of the English royal family in 1779. Despite the training she received and the fact she exhibited over thirty paintings at the Royal Academy, her artistic gifts were gradually stifled by her husband's reluctance to allow her to continue her artistic pursuits.
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