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Jonathan's sketch of cars and a house (Age 3)
Jonathan's version or our house Grandpa, Grandma Jeni and Jonathan(Age 4)
Jonathan having a feild day
painting with grandpa
Jennifer's chess game with Grandpa (Age 3)

Jeni's Mother's day gift to




Painting of Grandma in the


Sketch of Grandma in Jeni's blue dress

Jon and Jeni's Paintings


Grandma & Grandpa

 Jeni's  now 5 and Jonathan is 7


-  Martha and John


Hello everyone,


The kids bring us lovely paintings every saturday and our refrigerator can only take so many.

I know some of you have been complaining that you cant find the refrigerator in our kitchen so we decided to celebrate our lil jonny and Jeni's artwork by making this collage.


We'll keep you posted on our Beach resort vacation with the kids!


                        Martha and John