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  1. Choose Template
  2. Add Profile Cube
    1. Edit ZProfile layout
    2. Delete ZProfile Cube
    3. Get my info from ( it allows the user a simple way of collecting his info, maybe drag n drop or simple copy and ZPaste)

                                                               i.      Myspace

                                                             ii.      Orkut

                                                            iii.      Facebook

                                                           iv.      Friendster

                                                             v.      Hi Five

                                                           vi.      Others ( please send us a feedback if you don’t find your homepage provider’s info here and we will add it to our list)

  1. Add Pictures
    1. Upload your own
    2. Get from Google
    3. Get from Flicker
  2. Add Videos
    1. You Tube
    2. Google Videos
    3. Upload your own
  3. Change Bg
    1. Upload your own
    2. ZAccessories (Default Bg page)
  4. Add ZAccessories
  5. Add Music
  6. Add a Buddy/Pal/Friend Cubes
    1. Basically gives the user the option to search by ZName and find his friends on ZCubes and add their profile cube on request… Works like a friend request just a little Cube difference
    2. Create Friend list – we can change the name here but the basic functionality is that if someone is not on ZCubes, we give the user the option to type their friends’s homepage on Orkut or or myspace etc in a miniz... Can we resolve the log in problem though. For e.g. if I want to view my friends on Orkut I need to log in. I was thinking if there is a mechanism to convert your friend’s page into a thumbnail image…which looks like you have your friends page loaded but when you click on it it take you to your myspace or Orkut account and asks you to log in unless you are already logged in


  1. Add my favorite links (MiniZ)
    1. A window should open with space for 5 URL and should say at the bottom add more – this should add more url spaces…These by default will open the miniZ.Can we add navigation tools on the miniZ like we have on the browser? (Back, Next ,etc)
    2. Option to display/hide my active links
  2. Sketch, Draw and Paint
  3. Handwrite
  4. Chat
  5. Invite friends
    1. Default message
    2. Add your message
    3. View my friend list – Plaxo comes here
    4. Edit my friend list
  6. Send an EZCube
    1. The new cube format where you can share a single cube, send anything inside the cube
    2. Show/Hide my received EZCubes
  7. I’m done
    1. Save to local disk
    2. Publish
    3. Email