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Howdy Zappers!


All the feedback you've provided us has worket out great! And we're constantly trying to make ZCubes your dream destination on the web. We just want to thank you and tell you thats it simply makes our day to hear from someone who is as passionate about ZCubes as we are.


So what's new on our end? Click here to preview some of the coolest tools that redefine Flash on the web!

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 Goodies Galore!


 Packed with clipart, annimations, backgrounds, pictures and vector art, ZGallery is your personal goodie bag to jazz up your ZPage.


 Drag and Drop your favorite artwork today!!!

Flash! And its done!!!


We've been whipping some yummy flash treats for you. Create your picture heaps or your very own Picture Wheel today. all the goodness of flash on a click on a button.


(the following as pictures/experiences showcasing the functionality)



 Picture Wheel (Circle)

 FilmStrip ( marquee with registerview)

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(Login) (need colorful icons as entry point to login page)



To display  effects.....by default the new demo

then the flash effects we plan on showcasing in this newsletter.