ZCubes Experience

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Special effects
 - Shadow
 -  Engrave
 - Halo
 - Blur
 -  Dim
 - Dull
 - Hole
 - Emboss
 - Radial
 - Rectangle
 - Glow
 - Speed
 - Rainbow
 - Mix
 - Diamond
 -  Mirror
 - Flip
 - Invert
 - Spin
 - Fade up
 - Fade down
 - Fade left
 - Fade right
 - Grayscale
 - X-ray
 - convert to star
 - convert to circle
 - convert to heart
 - convert to rectangle
 - convert to triangle
 From Zaccessories (open accessories panel)
change color
Select Background
convert a picture into a background
Animations (Preview for each category)
MarQuee up
MarQuee down
Marquee left
Marquee right
Wave animation
Video Reel (Register Viewer)
Show song listing 
User clicks on Enhance and he has several options, he clicks on special effects  a whole subsection of special effects open in an IFrame listed here. He mouse overs any effect and that will generate a  preview. It tells himat the bottom of the frame to drag and apply the effect to any cube.
The ZAccesories panel opens

3 choices . if user clicks on Change color icon it opens the color wheel. If he clicks on select background it opens the background section on the  background part of ZAccessories

If he clicks on convert a picture to a background. It opens three options..... select an existing cube to convert to background.... search for a picture in your uploaded files ( so uploaded file opens).... upload a file   (uploader opens) or get an image from the web ( google images opens)

When user clicks on any animation it asks user to apply animation to all cubes or select cubes by clicking on CTRL + click and then apply effect...... he clicks on Marquee up the selected pictures merge into a single cube and marquee up. he can cancel by clicking on the delete button above each icon.

same for other effects. It should show a preview on the wizard  through an animated gif.
Opens the music listing page in an IFRame