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About ZCubes ZCubesTM is the world's first website where you can seamlessly browse, search, edit, paint, draw, hand-write, watch, listen, publish, type, print, network, teach, learn, and work.ZCubesTM is the world's first website that seamlessly integrates browsing, searching, editing, painting, freehand drawing, cursive hand-writing, audio-video media management, publishing, and much more into a pure BROWSER-BASED PLATFORM. ZCubes is your web Kaleidoscope that handles over 50 file-formats and works on over 20 different operating systems and platforms. Work, play, research, create, think, browse, organize, and have fun with ZCubes. Loaded with an incredible 1000+ features, your creativity may be your only limitation! All this and more with: No Downloads! No Installations! No Add-ins!