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Crocs Shoes

 A pair of Crocs has everything you would expect from an ordinary shoe and a whole lot more you might not. This revolutionary footwear combines unique design with ground-breaking orthotic technology for a comfort experience like no other. Ergonomic foot beds increase circulation and stimulate a massaging effect as your feet move. Made from a patented closed cell resin (PCCR), each pair of Crocs can be moulded to suit your style. Body heat makes the Croslite™ resin flexible, giving you the snuggest possible fit.  For the active lifestyle or in the work place, our odour resistant shoes leave you free to make your mark. Young and old, over a million people worldwide have already taken the step towards healthy, happy feet.Not only have podiatrists proven that these designer shoes reduce fatigue; they are so light that they float. An ideal choice for water sports, swimming pools and the serious sailor, you can't cage a Croc.  As well as offering comfort, Crocs are an extremely safe and hygienic choice for your feet. Croslite™ resin is naturally resistant to the bacteria and fungus that cause foot odour. No matter how much you put them through, Crocs come out looking and smelling fresh. With shock absorbing, slip-resistant soles there's a Croc to suit every occasion. For young and old alike, Crocs are in a league of their own. Their lightweight feel and spongy soles mean that once you put them on you'll never take them off! Available in huge range of colours from professional black and navy, subdued pastels and khakis to extrovert yellows, oranges and pinks there is a style and colour to suit all. Croc shoes now come in a variety of shapes and sizes for every purpose. Crocs shoes are available for men, ladies, and childrenin different styles of shoes, sandals, and boots. Snap up a pair today - Your feet will thank you for it!

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