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Rahul Dravid is a great batsman for sure but I'm somewhat perturbed when people in some quarters exclusively attribute India's recent test wins to his batting and worse convince themselves of Sachin Tendulkar's inferior ability.


Dravid, or any other player, rarely won a test match on his own. Note that he was still averaging in the low fifties for most of the late nineties when the cult of Tendulkar was at its highest and India was still languishing in mediocrity. Many supporters said Dravid batted too slowly then, he only ever made big runs in delaying India's inevitable slide to defeat we said, he never won any matches. Have we all forgotten?

Here's the deal. The 'team' is infinitely better now. We have good openers, we actually have a lower middle order, we have some decent
bowling talent to go with our perennial workhorse Anil Kumble, and more than any of the above we have far more fight thanks largely to the spirit instilled by Messrs Wright and Ganguly.

If Tendulkar had half these resources in the nineties his efforts would have translated into a lot more. Dravid for all his efforts has always needed a partner, be it Laxman, Ganguly, Tendulkar, or Sehwag... and he's lucky to have them.

So spare a thought for Tendulkar, who saved his team and its fans from complete humiliation on countless occassions through the nineties. His early dismissal, be it at the top in the one-day game, or at number four in the test arena, was literally synonymous with instant defeat for India in the nineties. Often he didn't even need a partner but more often he did.

How would India have fared if, instead of Tendulkar, we had a Dravid in the nineties, batting like he does today? Probably worse.

So instead of comparing one against the other, let's just accept that we have two of the greatest batsmen ever currently representing India.