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Rajini is playing a double role in the movie Sivaji. One role will be a rich father a well respected man among the community and other will be a joyful son of the rich Rajini. Big Rajini was an owner of a college. He becomes very popular among the local community by doing lot of good things to the people surrounded.
A group of people were always against Big Rajini and were also doing lot of activities against Big Rajini which created problems to his college and to him. This group which could not resist Rajini’s popularity decides to kill Big Rajini and they successfully killed Big Rajini. After Big Rajini’s death son Rajini takes all the responsibility of his father and continues to run the college the same way like his father use to run. Son Rajini was also humble and kind with the local community and did lot good things to them. But few who were very closely working with him joins hands with his fathers enemy cheats him and takes all his fathers wealth and leaves the son Rajini with just one rupee in the street. Rajini (super star) tosses the one rupee coin and promises to the people that he would get back all the wealth, fame of his father with this one rupee. Interval.
In the climax super star becomes a millionaire and gets back all his fathers wealth and fame. Then he takes a revenge on all the people who were involved in killing his father. After all the revenge, super star gives all the money earned to his people and leaves the place tossing the one rupee coin.the film ends.


The small rajini comes from US.the story begins from that.opening song is ballelaika with nayanthara. The story moves normally with Vivek jokes.vivek has given an excellent performance.he has been given equal weightage to rajni in the first half.shriya is characterised as an innocent girl.then love with shriya.sahana song.then she comes to know about the other side of rajini with violence.she fets might have seen that scene in the trailor.after she bangs the door,sahana sad version.actualy rajini does all good things to people through violence and blackmiles like a villain since he doesnt get justice through rules.the scenes involving these sequences is one of the main highlight.then he describes the flashback to shreya regarding why he is doin all big shivaji entrance.the flashback is for 42 minutes sharp.this is the main highlight of the whole movie.rajini with mottai get up is the big might have seen those stills with mottai rajini like a don. shankar said that there is a surprise for rajini fans in the movie.the mottai get up is the surprise.take my words,those 42 minutes are the best ever in indian cinema.thalaiavr may possibly get even a national award for that.lots of style,punch dialogues & dedicated acting in that 42 minutes.simply saying;pattaiya kelapra flashback.since its too special,i cant say more about it.see it urself in the theatre.that would be more interesting. Rani Mukherjee IS THE SURPRISE HEROINE in the film.she is big Rajini’s pair.then big rajini is killed as said in the story.then small rajini takes revenge & he preaches about some ideas to our people & leaves the town.the film ends.

Main theme of the movie::

shankar has exploited that going against the laws for doing good to the poor people is never wrong.and the main highlight is he has introduced some new methods and ideas regarding how poor people can reform to high society,how villages can be transformed to high tech cities.i realy fainted on hearing those ideas and his gorgeous imagination..hats off to shankar's intelligence.he realy deserves an award for this,.you wilL understand the truth in my words after seeing the film.