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With Aakaasham just released, comedian-turned-hero Harishree Ashokan is on to his next venture, doing the lead role in Ottakayyan. Aakaasham, in which he played the lead role for the first time, has a good storyline and is well put together, but it may not make it at the box office on account of several factors, the lack of star value and the release of the blockbuster Shivaji being two of them. Ottakayyan is directed by GR Indugopan, who also does the script. Others in the cast include Arun, TG Ravi, and US based debutant actress Rani Babu. MG Radhakrishnan wields the camera. Lyrics are provided by director GR Indugopan himself, while the music is composed by Samad Priyadarshini. The film is being produced by Vidhubal Chitra under the Violet Movies banner.
   Harishree Ashokan