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Dear Sidney,


Happy Birthday




Ebi & Mina Komonibo Family


 At the top left corner of your screen is a red Z sign, click 'Edit Experience' to compose.


Point to the pretty lady for directions.


Click on the pictures and delete them and then upload your pictures from your computer using the upwarding pointing arrow under the pretty lady.



(password: sidney); for uploading your photos.


Use this space or double click on the black background to create another box to write your birthday wishes to Sidney. Press 'Esc' when finished writing your note.


Use the publish arrow to publish it open so I may be able to edit it(not your words or pictures).

Save your experience using the PUBLISH arrow and name it so we know whose experience it is from the name.


Follow the instructions and send your self an e-mail and forward it to me.


Logout at the top right when finished.


Thank You.


Ebi Komonibo