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Shyamaprasad is one of the few directors in Malayalam who believes in making good cinema. His calling card remains his artistry and intellectual disposition. Moreover he is a very good technician. He honed his skills at the Thiruvananthapuram Doordarshan as a programme executive and has proven himself with critically acclaimed films like `Agnisakshi' and `Akale.'

The director has managed to pull off a casting coup by bringing together National Award winning actors Mammootty and Meera Jasmine together in his new film `Ore Kadal.' Speaking at the Chennai location of the film, Shyamaprasad opens up on his new film and his star cast.

The film is based on Bengali writer Sunil Gangopadhya's classic `Heerak Deepti,' a love story set in a very intense and difficult situation. It is about a man's discovery of love that resides deep in him, even though he refuses to accept it. But soon it surfaces and it redeems him.

I have heard that Satyajit Ray had initially planned to make `Heerak Deepti' into a feature film but ended up making `Aranyer Din-Ratri,' a story by the same author.

Still 24 from the movie Ore Kadal
Still 14 from the movie Ore Kadal
Ore Kadal