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Balachandra Menon (born. 1954) is a film maker in Malayalam films. He is a film director, who also writes and acts in his movies. He made some very popular films in the 1980s and 1990s. He got into serious acting in others' films recently, with a highly acclaimed performance in the movie Janmantharam.

He received the National Award for Best Actor for Samantharangal in 1998.

Along with Fazil and Padmarajan, Balachandra Menon has introduced the most newcomers into the Malayalam film industry, notable ones being Shobhana in April 18, Parvathi in Vivahithare Ithile, Maniyan Pillai Raju in Maniyan Pillai Athava Maniyan Pillai, Karthika in Manicheppu Thurannappol, Annie in Ammayane Satyam and Nandini/Kaushalya in April 19.

Many of his films work on the theme of uncommon relationships of common people. But people tend remember his films as comedies because of box-office hits like Chiriyo Chiri and Kaaryam Nissaram (early 80's). He also acted in the highest grossing malayalam film, Classmates (2006), as a College Professor.

Balachandra menon