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Born in kulathuppuzha in Kollam in 1943, Raveendran joined to the Swathy Thirunnal Sangeetha College, Thiruvananthapuram after completing his formal schooling. He learned music along with noted singer K.J.Yesudas. Poverty in the family did not present him any ‘colourful’ days in his childhood. But he took that ‘dismal days’ positively and as a stepping stone for the 'hard' days ahead in his career as a singer/musician.

Before crumbling his that desire, Kulathoopuzha Ravi (before changing his name to Raveendran)earlier had tested his vocal chord for 30 odd songs under various noted music directors including Baburaj. But he could not go on with the singer tag for long. Lack of opportunities in the field made him a 'dubbing artist' and a singer in a ganamela troop.then he turned to scoring music. But it was for plays!

website : http://raveendran.8m.com/


It was Yesudas who helped him later to become a music director as Raveendran himself had strongly wished to be known as a playback singer!

It was then that I V Sasi, the director of "Choola"(1979) gave him a chance to give music to the film. That single movie itself had fetched him more chances. "Tharake Mizhiyithalil Kannerumayi…" The song in the movie, sung by Yesudas, became a hit then (now too). The ‘chaste melody’ was the specialty of that song, a specialty of director Raveendran

From then on Raveendran ruled the roost of Malayalam film music. He had belted out many hits in 1980s and 90s.

Melody incorporated with the niceties of Carnatic music was the hallmark of his songs! By the release of Thenum Vayambum (1981), Raveendran made his mark in film field. The whole songs in the movie became a super hit! The songs, "thenum Vayambum…","ottakambi naatham…" are still sought- after numbers for Malayalees. Raveendran had ‘created’ songs rather gave tunes to them. May be that is why his melodies are still standing the test of times. A few among Raveendran’s best songs were in films like ‘Thenum Vayambum’, ‘Amaram’, ‘His Highness Abdullah’, ‘Ayal Katha ezhuthuthukayanu’, ‘Nandanam’ 'Rajashilpi', 'Bharatham' especially in the song of 'pramadavanam veendum' one of the classical cum melodious and ‘Mizhi Randilum’.

Raveendran has composed many soulful melodies. in the 70's and evolved as one of the foremost music directors in the South, composing about 800 songs in 150 films, in addition to a number of light music and devotional albums.

He was always referred to as the aristocratic music director of Malayalam who had a distinctive style of his own. A recipient of a National Award for Bharatham, he had also received several state awards.

He was married to Shobha and has three sons.

Malayalees will never forget the songs that have been credited with Raveendran. Pramadavanam Veendum...(His Highness Abdulla),Ragangale… (Tharattu), Vanambaadi Poru… (Desadanakili Karayaarilla), Ezhuswarangalum thazhukivarum… (Chirio chiri), Hridayam oru veenayai… (Thammil Thammil)… Innumente Kannuneeril(Yuvajanotsavam) aalila Manjalil(Surya gayathri) Kalabham thraam(Vadakkum nathan) Kandu njan mizhikalil(Abhimanyu) Bharatham,Aaram thampuraan,His highness,Kamaladalam,Aham,Rajashilpi....going on

Raveendran Kulathupuzha....